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What Are The Skills And Points Of Attention For UAVs?

The first hint is that the UAV will fly slowly. Fly slowly slow film effect, to the audience a like a professional equipment + helicopter shooting a tall feeling. Fly slowly can be more controllable for UAVs. Especially single operation UAV.

If there is no need, as far as possible a small amount of mobile remote control rod so that the movement of UAV is progressive, so that UAV in the acceleration and deceleration time to slow. Otherwise the lens will have a clear sense of frustration, increase the probability of lens distortion and jelly effect.

As far as possible route planning. Before starting to shoot, it is best to use a certain time to familiar with the shooting point of the environment, this is conducive to the development of the best aerial route. This will not only make the shooting more smoothly, but also can be more efficient use of the battery. Otherwise you may encounter to re-shoot when the unmanned aerial vehicles and low power embarrassing scenes. Remember, for now, the battery power is the biggest short board used by UAVs.

There are two ways to slow down the speed of UAV moving:

First: increase the joystick length. As we all know, the control input of the UAV is proportional to the change of the joystick angle, and the increase of the joystick length can increase the thread of the finger movement unconsciously. The same finger moving distance, resulting in a smaller angle change, the input is also reduced.

Rocker is pided into two sections, the first section of the above counterclockwise twist to the appropriate length, and then the following section is also counterclockwise twist until the above section locked.

The maximum can increase the length of 1.5 inside, see the following growth before and after comparison:

Second: lower the EXP value. The EXP value can be modified in the DJI GO flight control parameter setting, which represents the exponential relationship between the actual amount of shots on the remote control and the output of the logarithmic lever.

Third: reduce the brake sensitivity. Reduce the sensitivity of the brake will slow down the brakes when the reaction, the lens changes are more gentle. [Note] Reduce the brake sensitivity while also increasing the stroke of the brake, so control the UAV should pay attention to keep the safety brake distance.

Fourth: reduce the PTZ wheel moving speed parameters. The PTZ wheel speed according to the shooting needs to reduce the personal feel 40 more suitable for use in most cases.

2. Multi-dimensional flight

A lot of film shooting is not a single front and rear around the mirror way, mostly multi-dimensional angle push mirror. Such as in the UAV forward or backward at the same time with the decline or rise in the process of rising or falling to join the rotation. These actions need to practice several times to be familiar with master.

3. Translate the lens:

At present, many aerial scenery of the film are based on positive shooting, the lack of freshness for the audience, so the use of multi-shift lens allows the audience to have more freshness. It is like photography in the 0.5 meters below or 2 meters above the viewfinder will be more shocking, more easily out of the soup.

4. First vision lens:

The first visual lens is mostly used for fast-moving shooting, such as chasing the lens, will make people feel in the aircraft. This camera is mostly fixed camera position, so that unmanned mobile phone direct feedback to the camera, especially Yaw action generated by the sense of tilt. 4k big screen better.

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