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What are materials of the common parts in machining?

The materials of the common parts in machining.

There are many types of parts commonly used in machining, such as gear parts, box parts, shaft parts, spring parts, etc. These parts are used in different situations, performance requirements are also different, and the materials used have their own characteristics. Through the rational selection of materials to manufacture different types of parts, better results can be achieved and better economic benefits can be achieved. So what are materials of the common parts in these machining?

1, gear parts

Gear is one of the most widely used components in various types of machinery and instruments. Its role is to transmit power, change the speed of movement and direction of motion.

The vast majority of gears are made of forged steel (forged steel and cast steel), some low-speed gears with open transmission can be cast iron, and non-ferrous metals and engineering plastics can be used under special circumstances. (The gears are usually used after heat treatment, so use medium carbon steel or alloy steel.)

2, box parts

The box support is the basic part in the machine. The box is generally complex in shape, large in size, and has a thin hollow wall.

The selection of the box material generally uses cast ironandcast steel. For a box with a simple structure and a small production volume, a variety of low-carbon steel sections can be used to make welded parts in order to reduce the weight.

3, shaft parts

The function of the shaft is to support rotating parts, transmit power or movement. Shaft parts are one of the important parts of machine tools, automobiles and other types of machines. Shaft parts are generally designed and selected according to strength, stiffness calculations and structural requirements.

The materials used to make shaft parts are mainly structuralsteels(such as 45, 40Cr, 38CrMoAl, 20Cr), andstainless steel, non-ferrous metals, and even plastics for special occasions. In recent years, nodular cast iron and high-strength cast irons (such as HT350 and KTZ550-06) have been increasingly used as materials for manufacturing shafts, such as crankshafts for internal combustion engines and spindles for general machine tools.

4, spring parts

Springs are important parts in various machinery and instruments. They are mainly used for shock absorption of various types of machines (such as crusher springs and vehicle suspension springs), mechanical energy reserves (such as winders in instruments, etc.) and control movements (Such as valves, clutches, brakes, etc.).

Spring utilizes the elasticity and structural characteristics of the material. Under the action of external force, elastic deformation occurs. The mechanical energy or kinetic energy is converted into deformation energy. After the external force is removed, the elastic deformation recovers and the deformation energy is converted into mechanical energy or kinetic energy.

The material used to make the spring is mainly mediumcarbon steelandalloy steel. There are carbon spring steel, manganese spring steel, silicon manganese spring steel, chrome vanadium spring steel, silicon chromium spring steel, tungsten chromium vanadium spring steel and so on.

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