CNC machined parts created new “3 big pieces” for Marriage

CNC machined parts created new “3 big pieces” for Marriage(图1)

In the family life of the Chinese people, there has always been “three big pieces”. In 70s, watches, bicycles and sewing machines ranked the top three. In 80s, color TV, refrigerators and washing machines were indispensable. In 90s, air conditioners, computers and telephones were on the list. To this day, sweeping robots, driers and dishwashers become the new three pieces, which are popular among young consumers. It is their new demand to further liberate their hands and break the household tradition.

According to the daily curiosity survey, the “three big pieces” that save time and effort are not only the new favorites of Japanese young people, but also sell steadily in China, and are recognized by Chinese young consumers.

In recent years, Ecovacs represented a lot of sweeping robot fashion family standard, they also convey to others and a new way of life and philosophy. Smart home is going into more and more families. How can intelligent home be “intelligent”? In the survey, the more simplification of the operation, the more people can catch the people.

Has a complete product line of Ecovacs household robot is a lot of consumers trust the brand. Many people buy a sweeping robot is the most valued cleaning function, Ecovacs sweeping global planning robot is equipped with advanced technology, can accurately scan family environment; through the mobile phone App can real-time tracking and map building, sweeping status at a glance. It can reduce the omission of cleaning a wide range of areas, can automatically identify the curtains, bed of these “soft barrier” truly full range of cleaning experience.

In addition to sweeping, mopping the floor is also a big advantage Ecovacs robot. The cleaning system and drag collocation combo Ecovacs sweeping robot, has a large capacity of micro control water tank, water can be a wet mop the whole house. Ecovacs sweeping robot wet mop function is very close, it has a floating constant innovation design can be affixed to the ground wet mop, deep to remove stains. What do you do with an accidental pause? Ecovacs algorithm chip and built-in sweeping robot can sense unexpected situation, whether it is work or suspend blocked trapped, it will not guarantee the safety of foundation seepage. Ecovacs installed water sweeping robot, young people to travel abroad, through the mobile phone APP to adjust the water, customize their habits and drag.

Family space, especially the living room for young people today, is more inclined to a quiet space for reading, chatting and working. The addition of sweeping robots into the family environment perfectly accords with young people’s new life style. Buy a color value and the functions of Ecovacs sweeping robot, bring up the quality of life enjoyment.

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